The Importance of Exercise

To begin with, exercise should be a mandatory factor in a person’s life. Old, young, female or male, everyone should aim to have some sort of physical exercise daily. The options are endless; they can vary from going for a run, to simply going for a walk. Anything counts and what is even more important is to have fun while you do it.Fun & exercise go hand-in-hand and the reason for that is that fun can easily influence the frequency of exercise. Telling someone who doesn’t enjoy running that they have to go and run for at least 30 minutes a day will make it seem like a chore.

If I were to break “exercising” into 2 parts they would be:
 -1. find what you love doing
 -2. do it as much as you can under the right proportions.
Moreover, the importance of exercise stands for intrinsic and extrinsic reasons. Intrinsically, exercise can increase and boost confidence, release stress, act as an anti-depressant and make you more energetic and “alive” throughout the day. Extrinsically, exercise can improve someone’s physique, help them fit into clothes they want to, and boost their confidence due to their physical appearance.
Simultaneously, exercising has health benefits such as reducing the chances of any heart problems, strokes, decreasing cholesterol, improving blood circulation, maintaining muscle tone, maintaining a steady body-fat %, improving bone health and proper distribution of hormones.
However, exercise alone is not enough for a healthy life-style. It needs to be combined with proper nutrition and a healthy mind-set.
Humans were created to move around, to exercise, to explore, to discover and to conquer the World. We have to ability for it and our complex bodies are more than capable of achieving what we think is impossible. It is all up to us.

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