Nutrition refers to any sort of food / drink intake a person puts in their body. Depending on the person’s goal, their nutrition will greatly vary. Fatloss, maintenance, muscle gain, endurance, sport competition will all vary in the way someone structures their nutrition.
To simplify things, I have written a few principles about nutrition.
1. Aim to eat whole foods. Foods that have only 1 ingredient will greatly benefit you more than processed foods. By 1 ingredient I am referring to foods such as, fruits, veggies, legumes, meats, dairy. Anything processed will put extra strain on the digestive system which can reduce the rate of absorption for nutrients.
2. Fluids. One should aim to drink water, teas, coffee, and milk (preferably no-fat). Getting calories from drinks is a way of adding empty calories without aiding your body with any nutrients. Everyone should aim to drink at LEAST 2L of water daily.
3. Not all calories are created the same. Therefore, one should not obsess over the amount of calories they are eating, but rather where the calories are coming from. For example, eating 200 calories worth of chips and eating 200 calories worth of chicken breast will have different impacts on your body, yet, they have the same calorie count.  It all comes back to the “1 ingredient rule”. The more ingredients added, the harder your body will digest and utilize that food for the right purposes.
4. Eat balanced. Striving to eat only fruits and veggies will not make someone healthier than a person who eats fruits, veggies & some meat / nuts.
5. Create a goal and make 1-2 small changes weekly in order to achieve it. Making drastic changes in someone’s nutrition will not result in long-term results. That is why small changes have to be implemented in someone’s nutrition and that way it will be come a lifestyle for them.
6. Ask for help if you need guidance finding out your body type, how many calories you need, what kind of exercises you should/shouldn’t do and be open to new ideas. No one is perfect.

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