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Too many believers today are choosing to die before their time. They don’t see their usefulness and therefore sit around getting stagnant, waiting for the end to come and ease their “suffering.” How sad! Hey, if you’re still here, you have work to do!

Maybe we are living day to day spiritually with no direction or “tool” recognition. If we don’t recognize our purpose, it’s hard to judge our effectiveness. Without guidelines or a measuring stick, we most often see failure. The suggestion of failure plants the seed of uselessness, and from uselessness comes—nothing. Therefore, our spirit gives in to the weak flesh and ceases to be a tool at all. We settle to just be—and we die before our time.

1. Write down things you enjoy doing. (Most people find their gifts are what they enjoy doing in the first place.)

2. Spend time daily in God’s Word. (Seek clarity of purpose and open windows of opportunity.)

3. Enlist the prayer of godly individuals who will hold you to task. (That’s accountability.)

4. Be ever diligent in looking for the open windows. (Don’t wait to be asked—step out and take action. If it’s where God wants you to be, He will affirm you through your spirit and through others.)


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